Cat and Dog Fleas

The weather is becoming warm again and you and your pet are outside often just enjoying the sun after a long, cold winter. After a few days, you begin to notice your family pet insistently scratching. Whether it’s a cat or dog that you own, the simple fact remains that they are probably infested with a common issue; fleas. So you, as a responsible pet owner, plan to go to the store in a day or two and get some flea treatment medicine for your lovable pet. Unfortunately you are probably too late.

Fleas have a unique life cycle that enables them to begin laying eggs once they start feeding on their host. That means that by the time you notice your poor animal scratching, the fleas have most likely already started the egg laying process. The problem with those eggs is that they can easily fall off your pet and land on the carpet. The spot where the eggs and flea infestation is highest, despite on your pet itself, is most likely the place where the pet sleeps, whether that is on the floor itself, a pet bed, or even on your bed itself. From there the eggs and fleas fall drop off of your animal and the infestation grows.

The fleas will hatch from their egg form and begin living inside your carpet, blankets, pet bed, furniture, sand boxes, clothing, and anything else they can find. Once they are there, they will ferociously attempt to feed on any warm blooded mammal that they can come into contact with. Just to give you an idea of how quickly a small issue with fleas on your pet can become a full blown infestation take a look at these facts; after a tasty meal, the each female flea can lay forty-five to fifty eggs a day. That means that over the span of a month, just ten female fleas have the potential to multiply to over a quarter million, each in different life stages.

The problem with having them in your carpet is now not only do you have to treat your animal, but your house now needs treated as well, making the amount of money you have to spend almost double, if not triple. Fleas in your carpet will attack any warm blooded host they can find. If they are not on your pet and feasting on them, then they will most definitely begin attacking any humans that are around, making it miserable for everyone and everything inhabiting the house.

Treatment for a whole house infestation is costly and may take quite a bit of time to finally rid the house of fleas. Cheapest way to treat an infestation, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Make sure to take all of the precautions you can to prevent your pets from getting fleas because once it starts, the chances that you get fleas in your carpet greatly increases.