Flea Powder for Carpets

So you have an infestation of fleas but do not want to use those expensive foggers, or hire a professional to come in and take care of the situation. Those contain a lot of chemicals and you should be careful when dealing with poisonous substances. One alternative is flea powder for your carpets.

Flea powder contains boric acid which is an excellent way to treat and kill fleas. The reason being is that this boric acid gets to the flea larvae effectively and there is not a great risk of resistance developing. You need to stop the flea life cycle before they become adult fleas and can feed and procreate more. That’s why it is imperative that the larvae are destroyed.

When you buy the flea powder for your carpets it will come in a can. What you do is simply sprinkle the powder all over your carpets in your house until they are coated in white. Because it’s this flea treatment is a powder, there will be some of it in the air before it settles down on the ground so you should take the precautions of wearing a face mask to prevent any issues.

Once it all settles you need to take a broom and go over the carpet, making sure to get it in all rubbed in so it kills those nasty buggers hiding deep in the carpet. You don’t want any to survive or else you will just have to keep repeating this process.

So finally you have gotten all of the powder into the carpet. Now, you need to go over it all with a vacuum. The purpose of this is to not only get up all of the extra powder so it doesn’t look like someone was antiqued inside your house, but also to get the live adult fleas contained. Make sure to vacuum your furniture and wash all your clothes and bedding in hot water. Once you are done vacuuming quickly dump out the canister into a trash bag, seal immediately, and take it outside to the trashcan.

Make sure to keep vacuuming daily to get up all of the remaining adult fleas and treat your animals. It might take several applications to fully eradicate the fleas. With all of these methods combined you should be able to rid yourself of your nasty flea infestation at a much more cost effective price.

One effective carpet powder is Fleabuster RX for Fleas Plus. It is a gentle and highly effective flea destroyer. It takes a bit of work, like all flea powders do, to apply and follow all of the steps. Thankfully it was extremely effective. It takes several applications, like the container states, but the money you save by doing just a bit of extra work makes it well worth it.