Frontline for Cat Flea Treatment

You bring home your new kitten and think everything is right with the world. It is adorable, playful, and too cute for words. Unbeknownst to you, it’s carrying a terrible parasite that is feeding on its blood. Eventually you notice the constant itching and scratching and you realize that your precious pet is being feasted upon. So what do you do?

The best treatment for your cat or kitten is spot treatment. It is a liquid chemical that is put between your cats shoulder blades behind its neck. You need to be very careful on the placement because if the cat is able to scratch it, it will likely clean its paws and get the chemical in its mouth, causing it to foam alarmingly.

One of the best treatments for cats, and the top vet recommended product, is Frontline. This over the counter flea control product kills a hundred percent of fleas within forty-eight hours after you put it on the cat. On top of killing the adult fleas, it also kills all other life stages of fleas, breaking the cycle completely and freeing your cat from that terrible parasite.

Frontline contains fipronil, which spreads through the body oils, killing fleas usually within the first twenty-four hours. You can also buy Frontline Plus which contains (s)-methoprene. That chemical is a growth regular which prevents any insects or parasites from maturing and reproducing.

Due to the fact that it is chemicals being used on your animal, you should follow all of the directions to the tee and make sure your cat is the proper age and weight. Never use dog flea treatment on cats, even if you barely use a drop. It contains different chemicals at different strengths and can cause neurological problems.

Frontline is an excellent method of treatment for fleas because it works almost immediately. Right from when you first apply it, you will see your cat begin scratching and twitching because the fleas are beginning to die. This product works for a full thirty days, and can be reapplied each month. Although if your animal remains indoors at all times, it might not even need to be applied that often.

The spot treatment is one of the best methods because it is fast, efficient, reliable, and vet tested. All of those other products, such as shampoos and combs and powders, are not as useful with cats. It is difficult to bath a cat and causes a lot of stress for both the owner and the cat itself when you force the poor guy or gal into the water and have to wash it down. Also, flea baths need to be repeated until all of the fleas are gone, meaning that that terrifying experience for the cat will need to be done several times.

Treatment depends on your cat and the severity of the flea infestation. If you are unsure you can always consult your local vet for expert advice as they are used to dealing with those types of situations.