Get Rid of Fleas in House Effectively

Fleas in house is a common issue for pet owners, and unfortunately, also a tough problem to fix. Fleas are tenacious little buggers to remove, due to their quick reproduction and tiny size. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to combat a flea infestation in your house, ranging from devastating flea bombs to gentle lemon solutions. Each approach of flea removal obviously has its pros and cons, but in the end it usually comes down to home willing you are to work with toxic chemicals. Here is a brief overview of the different approaches for flea control.

Naturally Removing Fleas from Your House

Using Organic Antiseptics to Kill Fleas

There are a multitude of powerful and organic flea fighting germicides such as citrus, witch hazel, tea tree oil, vingear, and so on. Not only are these components natural, but they also are relatively inexpensive compared to commercial flea products. One popular and natural way to remove fleas from household areas is a concoction of citrus, witch hazel and vinegar sprayed around the house. Our home remedies for fleas page has an in depth guide on how to execute this cheap and effective method.

Draw Out Fleas from the Carpet and Drown Them

Probably the easiest natural flea control method for removing fleas in the house, a simple flea trap can be constructed wit nothing more than a table lamp and a bowl of dish soap. All you need to do is place the lamp on the carpet at night and then set the bowl of soap underneath the bright light; the premise is that the fleas will be attracted towards the bright light and attempt to jump to it, only to drown in the thick, liquid soap. This primitive flea trap really does work, albeit slower and less effective than the more aggressive methods.

Killing Fleas in the House with Chemical Warfare

If you really want the quickest and most effective to removing a flea infestation from a house, you need to seek the council of modern day science!

Controlling Fleas in Carpet by Spraying IGR

IGR is short for Insect Growth Regulator, and comes in the form of various chemical bases such as Nylar (pyriproxifen), Methoprene (FleaTrol and Precor) and Fenoxycard. Spraying your carpet with Nylar disrupts flea hormones, which inhibits flea eggs from hatching and along with halting the maturation of immature fleas. The result is that the inflicted fleas die before becoming adults. In this sense, IGR does not actually directly kill fleas, but controls them by preventing flea reproduction in your house. The reason why many people opt for IGR rather than spray that will straight up kill the fleas, is that IGR is relatively harmless to larger bodied animals such as us humans, and most household pets.

Taking Out the Big Guns with Flea Bombs

If you want complete and total eradication of fleas in house, look no further than the flea bomb. Flea bombs are extremely powerful and effective canisters that emit a fog-like toxic mist, killing any small insects in the radius. The downsides of flea bombs is that everyone must evacuate the house during the fogging, and all of your household items will retain a thin coat of the toxins used from the bomb, but at least all of the fleas in house are now gone for sure! Flea bombs really aren’t as dangerous and some people believe, but they definitely are the ultimate weapon in the war against fleas.

Fleas in house can be a hassle to remove, especially if you haven’t properly protected your pet from fleas yet. This is because 99% of the time your pet the root cause of the fleas, so really take the effort to really purge the fleas from your pet; or else you may began to end up with fleas on humans if the infestation gets too severe. Determine which approach you would like to pursue and take action quickly to remove the fleas in house!