How to get rid of whiteflies in the area

Both beginners and experienced summer residents know how difficult it is to breed a whitefly – this small garden pest. 1 female is capable of laying more than 100 eggs in its short life (30 days), from which voracious larvae then hatch. Pests cause huge damage to the au pair. Affected cultures are weakening, stunted, stunted. Whitefly waste, which remains on the green parts of plants in the form of a shiny sticky coating, is a favorable environment for the development of soot fungus – a dangerous infection that is difficult to treat.

Using a fumigator

Many methods have been invented to combat the pest – chemical, mechanical, biological. But there is a simple, cheap and effective method among them. Its essence is the daily destruction of adults using a household fumigator or mosquito coils. Insecticidal plates and liquids can neutralize not only mosquitoes. They are also fatal to other flying insects, and whitefly is one of them.

The way to use the fumigator is simple:

  1. If there is no electricity in the greenhouse or greenhouse, extend an extension cord into the structure.
  2. Plug the fumigator into a socket, put it on some elevation, hang it on a hook or nail so that the device is at a height of 0.6-1.2 m above ground level.
  3. Close the doors of the greenhouse, leave the device on for the whole night.
  4. In the morning, turn off the device.

After 1-2 treatments, the number of adults in the greenhouse will be significantly reduced. But dwell on this. After all, hundreds or thousands of larvae will remain in the ground (depending on the area of ​​the subsidiary farm). After 7-10 days, they will turn into adults and gain the ability to lay their eggs on their own.

To interrupt the life cycle of uninvited guests and destroy the entire colony, you must turn on the fumigator every night for 10-15 days. Only in this way can one be sure that the pest population will be completely eradicated.

The fumigator or mosquito coils are also useful as a prophylactic.

Other methods of struggle

Other methods are suitable for killing insects that damage flower, fruit, and vegetable crops:

  1. We get rid of whiteflies with the help of light. Flying individuals at night or in the evening cannot remain indifferent to light. To destroy moths, it is enough to install a special lamp-trap in the greenhouse or greenhouse. On sale such devices are found under different names – insect killer or trap, insecticidal lamp, electric flytrap, mosquito and fly lamp, mosquito trap. Before you buy a device, you need to study its characteristics and make sure that its action is enough for the entire area of ​​the greenhouse.
  2. We use glue “traps”. Paper or plastic traps covered with a layer of non-air-drying glue (ARGUS, Bona Forte, Bros, FloraBand, Liquidator, Pheromone, etc.) can be hung over infected plantings. All of them are painted yellow – this is the shade that best attracts whiteflies and other flying pests. Glue traps are safe for plants and people, are odorless and do not emit toxic substances into the environment. These simple devices will help get rid of thrips, aphids, sciarids and even spider mites along the way.
  3. We make sticky traps on our own. Self-adhesive tape from flies or do-it-yourself devices are suitable for catching flying individuals. To create an insecticidal “trap”, you can use pieces of thick cardboard, hardboard or plywood, painted in yellow. A thin layer of a sticky substance, such as petroleum jelly, castor oil, or a mixture of rosin and honey, should be applied to them. Both home-made and shop traps must be placed in a greenhouse at the rate of 1 trap per 10 square meters.