How to Remove Fleas on Humans

Why Fleas Bite Humans

Fleas on humans is one of the key signs of a serious flea infestation; it occurs when the fleas get desperate enough and start attacking and feeding on the human inhabitants. They will only do so when there is not enough of the original animal host. This is why it is important to prevent any infestations of fleas in your house and pet in the first place. You should first try some natural flea control methods, and if that doesn’t seem to work, you can try more powerful commercial flea removal products, like a flea bomb.

Effects of Flea Bites on Humans

Humans will often get bitten on their feet, lower back, and arms, and depending on the sensitivity of the person the effects could range from mild to severe. FAD, or flea allergy dermatitis, is an inflammation around the area of the bites and can cause the bearer a lot of irritation. On top of that fleas can also cause anemia from draining its host of too much blood. If you are suffering from constant fatigue and drowsiness and have had extensive flea bites you should consult your doctor about the possibility of anemia and seek treatment.

What Flea Bites on Humans Look Like

Generally the area around the flea bite will get red and irritated while there will be a small raised bump with a single pinprick in the center. Unfortunately it is difficult not to scratch the bitten area which is why antihistamines should be taken and anti-itch lotions applied. Secondary skin infections can easily arise if the person bitten continues to scratch and break open the bite. Provided the person does not scratch then the bite should go away within a day.

Serious risks of Fleas Bites on Humans

Unfortunately, because fleas are vectors for a plethora of diseases they pose an even bigger threat to humans than skin irritation. Fleas are nasty creatures that carry bacteria, viruses, and rickettsial diseases. Murine typhus, Yersinia pestis, rickettsia typhi, rickettsia felis, bartonella henselae, tapeworms, and myxomatosis are just some of the diseases that they can spread to humans. These diseases are horrible and potentially fatal to humans which is why flea infestations should always be avoided at all costs and treated immediately.

If humans are bitten by fleas and begin to show signs of weakness, vomiting, excessive tiredness, diarrhea, or any other signs of illness they should see their doctor immediately since the chances they could have a pathogen transmitted to them from the fleas is high.

Removing Fleas from Humans

As mentioned before, really the best way to deal with fleas on humans is to prevent it in the first place, which of course, is easier said than done. Flea infestations can be incredibly difficult to take care of especially since the repopulate so fast. Besure to check out our page on how the various approaches to removal fleas in the house.

Using Garlic to Repel Fleas

While garlic is a controversial topic when it comes to flea control for pets, garlic is perfectly safe for humans to eat, meaning that you should suck it up and just eat it; no excuses! But in all seriousness, garlic is most effective as a repellant when eaten raw, and in fairly large quantities. Garlic is a common home remedy for fleas and can be easier to consume if coupled with large slabs of peanut butter. The peanut butter will coat your throat and neutralize the strong taste of raw garlic, making it an almost painless process.

Using Chlorine to Remove Fleas on your Body

Taking a dip in a chlorine treated pool (pretty much all public pools) can do wonders in eradicating any fleas currently residing among your hair or body. It won’t solve the root cause of the fleas, but it will relieve yourself of any more flea bites for a while.

Spraying Lemon Juice to Repel Fleas

Plain and simple lemons are among the most sought after tools by professional groomers for their pets, and for a good reason too; lemon oil works fantastically at repelling fleas. While a boiled lemon solution is typically used to protect a coat of fur from fleas, it is also perfectly to spray your own skin and hair with the concoction. Just be careful not to dry out our skin and avoid your face!

Due to the dangerous risk factors associated with flea infestations it is in the person’s best interest to take care of it as soon as they notice a problem. If the infestation is allowed to get out of control then all living creatures will be in danger of being feasted on by those malicious parasites. Just be sure to watch out for any signs of fleas on humans.