How to Safely Use Flea Bombs

Flea bombs may sound extremely drastic, but when spring rolls around many pet owners begin noticing that their pets are scratching and digging at their fur, indicating a common problem that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of: fleas in the house. These pests have a nasty habit of invading not only an animal’s body and fury, but also the house that the animal is living in. Furthmore, once flea infestations get really bad, you begin to have issues with fleas on humans, which I think we can all agree is even worse than fleas on your pets. Due to the life cycle of fleas and how fast they can reproduce, drastic measures need to be taken at times to exterminate them all. Flea bombs are one such measure. Before pursuing such a strong tool, you may want to consider the various natural flea control methods and home remedies for fleas.

What Are Flea Bombs?

When you think of the word bomb the first thing that generally pops into peoples mind is an explosion. Don’t worry; flea bombs are not that drastic, unless you’re a flea of course. In fact, they are more like a smoke bomb in the sense that they release their contents until they are completely empty.

How do Flea Bombs Work?

These bombs contain pressurized insecticides and are used for fumigating rooms. You need one for each room of your house, and you also need to make sure you get a high quality flea bomb that works. After you strategically place your bombs in each room, evacuate the house of all living creatures, and make sure to completely cover your fish tank so you don’t get any chemicals in the water and kill them. The flea bomb is going to emit a very strong fog that is very toxic to small insects; it is for this reason that flea bombs are also know as flea foggers. Another good tip is to have all food put away and sealed completely. You definitely do not want to be ingesting those chemicals. On top of that, the pesticides are flammable so you need to make sure that all of your lights are turned off and anything else that could create a spark is completely taken care of. You don’t want to come home to half of your hous engulfed in flames; yes the fleas are dead but that’s not exactly the result you want.

How to Use a Flea Bomb

Once you have them placed in each room you pull the trigger and get out of the house. It takes only a few minutes for the can to completely empty, but well over an hour before all of the chemicals settle. When you’ve waited long enough and you are sure the fogger is completely done, go back to your house and air it out. Open up the windows and let whatever chemicals might still be lingering about ventilate. Especially if you have smaller children or sensitive pets. You want to take every precaution you can when dealing with poisonous chemicals.

Deciding whether to use a Flea Bomb

Flea bombs should be used as a last resort. They are powerful chemicals that can be potentially hazardous to handle. On top of that, they only kill the fleas in the house so if your pets or the other persons that are living in the house still have fleas on them then the infestation will begin again. You need to consult with your vet on the best method to treat your animals and house before taking any drastic measures.