Natural Methods to Prevent Carpet Fleas

Carpet fleas are disturbing in numerous causes. It doesn’t only feed off your dogs or cats but they also invade your house and even your house yard. It is hard to live with the fleas at your house in whole summer and fall. It will turn expensive cost if you must to continuously buy sprays or powders to control. There are some ways you have to do to prevent a flea invade your house, house yard and your pets by using natural treatment

First trick to kill adult fleas is vacuuming like crazy to remove fleas. Vacuuming the entire house frequently (especially under furniture, behind doors, etc) and throwing out the bag each time will help a ton. Daily vacuuming will at least rid the home of 94% of live adult fleas. This takes entirely the carpets and floors. Seal the vacuum pocket in a plastic bag to check that no more fleas take free. You could also try putting a flea catch in your vacuum bag before you start. Get confident to discard off the bag immediately. You might require repeat this process regularly if you wish to hold those fleas out from your home forever. You should vacuum everyday till you get solved the trouble. Later, vacuuming once or twice a week should be sufficient.

Put Borax and salt into vacuum cleaner, it will get rid any possible of flea eggs. This is a safe and cheap way to control the fleas in your house. Salt and borax are inexpensive and safe around your kids and your pets. Mix the salt and borax in 50 – 50 composition.

Plant the herbaceous plant, “Pennyroyal”, in your place or dog house, it repels fleas. You may also wish to raise and maintain the herbaceous plant in your place or apartment.

Cedar is one of nature’s insect repellents and practiced for centuries, especially for clothes. Lately, it’s getting more popular as a style to hold fleas away from pets. Popularity has increased because another chemical company like Frontline and Advantix receive negative review in pet journals as shortening the lives of dogs.

When fleas notice the smell of Cedar, they instinctively recognize that cedar is not a secure environment for their eggs and they just leave it. Place a piece of Cedar Wood in the corner of rooms, under furniture and under a pets bed places will keep fleas away. Next, put the Cedar Chips to your house or flats, the doors, etc, as well plays as a barrier to hold fleas away.

Eucalyptus Leaves work really well for holding fleas away. For some reasons, the fleas don’t like its smell. The leaves can be bought online or at numerous health-natural food shops and even at some of the larger craft shops. There are some profits of applying eucalyptus for flea control, such as get rid of the demand for non-toxic chemical substances.

Tansy already used for healing functions in the last decade, only it is also a great repellant for fleas. Fleas don’t like the aroma of tansy. Hang tansy flower in your room or place where you receive a problem. You could also hang several by doors and windows, as fleas don’t like it either. Be confident to hang them high enough that your pets cannot consume them. They are deadly to faunas if consumed. You also can rub the flower and put it on your dogs or cats coat to be a repellant. Tansy flower can be produced in all area, but it is better to raise them in ante to hold them from getting over your other areas. You must cut off the death tansy flowers so they do not go to seeds.