Using Flea Foggers to Remove Fleas Properly

If you have ever owned a cat or dog you have probably dealt with one of the most frustrating problems that come with outdoor animals. Yes I am talking about the flea. Fleas are those tiny black specks that like to attack you when you are least expecting it. They aim for the most sensitive spots on your body; your stomach, your lower back, your shins, underneath your arms, and on the tops of your hands. Practically anywhere they can latch onto they will bite you, leaving pin sized red marks that are incredibly itchy.

Yes, a lot of people have battled that great battle between human and flea, waged war on the peskiest of pests. Unfortunately that war cannot be won unless you have backup. You see, unfortunately for us human hosts, once a mature flea has had a blood meal before it can live for up to a year, a full year, without another meal before it dies! That means you cannot evacuate your house and wait for the infestation to run its course. No, that is completely useless. Chemicals will become your main artillery in this battle.

So off you go to the store, more than likely frustrated to the max because of this issue, and probably rather itchy from all of the bites. Once there you look up and down the aisle at all of the products offered. The flea collars, the flea sprays, the combs, the pills, the bombs, and the foggers, along with an abundance of other products. What do you chose?

Of course you should be sure to treat the source of the issue, your lovable pet that so kindly brought those critters into your house, but just treating them is not enough. You have to make the house safe for them to come back to or else all the fleas will just hop right back onto your animal and yourself. Then you spot your salvation in the disguise of two products; flea bombs and flea foggers. Confused you check out the package to try and find the difference.

The truth is, there is absolutely no difference between bombs and foggers. Yes bombs sound a bit more intense. Explosions, fire, complete destruction of the flea inhabitants within your precious home. Although upon further inspection you see that flea foggers do the same.

So next time you are at the store or are trying to decide which one to get, bombs or foggers, buy with confidence and exterminate in style!